My calling in life is to guide you into a deeper and more satisfying relationship with yourself. It is within your reach to feel more whole, to feel more You. All the time. It shouldn't just be an occasional high, a fleeting experience. This is the movement toward Self Realization (realizing who you really are) and Self Actualization (living who you really are). This is the movement of your life!

It can seem, after years of seeking, like this is something esoteric, something out of reach. It isn't! There are powerful tools and strategies that have been created for the sole purpose of helping you to navigate this journey. I have seen these tools help people, time and again, to heal the disparate, conflicting aspects of themselves, and come into a profound felt sense of inner unity. These tools are also designed to bring you to the next level, the experience of living in resonance with your higher calling!

Maybe you think this is something for another time in your life. When your kids are older, or you've already, somehow, got your act together. Think again! I did this process when I was pregnant with my second child, and brought him along for my sessions, for months. I relished the work, which stimulated my mind, opened my heart, and excited my soul.  You don't need to bring anything for this journey, just your inner calling to know yourself, and live a life of meaning.

I don't know of anything more important, for any of us, than this journey of becoming more comfortable in our own skin, of living fully from our true Selves, and finding meaningful ways of expressing it in the world. Through one-on-one Transformational Life Coaching, it is my honor and my joy to guide you there!