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 Workshop facilitator, coach and counselor, Amy Sundari Finlay

Workshop facilitator, coach and counselor, Amy Sundari Finlay

Upcoming Workshops and Training!

A quick update on my teaching work: Since becoming a Steering Committee member this year of my local Psychosynthesis Practice Community, I have spent the year organizing and hosting workshops geared toward people already trained in Psychosynthesis. I do, however, have some exciting workshops and trainings to share with newcomers interested in taking the own reigns on their personal development, through learning Psychosynthesis techniques for themselves! (Some of which you may find me at, in a co-teaching role.)

A Day of Psychosynthesis is happening on Sunday, Sept. 30th. This will be a fantastic chance to learn about some of the basic core concepts of Psychosynthesis, and begin to apply them to your own life. This is hosted by Synthesis Northeast, the premier training organization for Psychosynthesis in this area. For only $35 for the day, this event is an incredible deal, and promises to be a wonderful day of learning and growth! (Details and registration at the above link, or click here.)

If you can’t make it that Sunday, fear not, there will be at least one more come Winter. Email Jon@SynthesisCoaching.org to get directly on the Synthesis Northeast mailing list to be among the first to hear about those events.

These day-long workshops are leading up to the big shebang, which is the next Psychosynthesis Coaching Training. It starts in March 2019. It meets one weekend per month for 8 months, and is an experiential learning journey which I cannot recommend highly enough. Read my own story on my blog above, if you’d like to hear what it offered me personally. Better yet, check out one of the sampler days above, and see if it feels like the right fit for you! If you love it, you have the option to continue on for four more weekends, to become a certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach. More details about the program can be found on the Synthesis Northeast website!