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Experiential Learning

I offer in-person classes in the Amherst, MA area, and may, at a future point, offer experiential online classes as well. Sign up for my newsletter to stay informed of offerings!

The goal with these classes, as with my coaching, is one of individual Psychosynthesis: We will skillfully open the door to hearing the inner Call of Self; We will do the important and life changing work of overcoming obstacles on our path; We will find real life ways of taking meaningful action in response to our inner call. Whatever you life stage or circumstance, there is always a way to respond to your inner calling.  

It's one thing to read books with great ideas about how you would love to be...It's quite another to put yourself in an experiential learning environment whose sole purpose to support you in that becoming!  In both my classes and in my coaching, it is all about creating room for your response--for the actual, lived blooming of your true Self.