Psychosynthesis is the foundation for my Transformational Life Coach training. Created by Dr. Roberto Assagioli, an Italian psychiatrist,  this empowering, holistic perspective on human growth is one that many people credit with bringing them into a more whole, less fragmented sense of self.  I personally have experienced the journey as pure joy, and a true balm for the soul!

Being based in psychology, Psychosynthesis can help one to process painful experiences of the past which can remain in the psyche as limiting identifications.    

Uniquely, Psychosynthesis sets a high priority on connecting with and integrating the transpersonal aspects of the psyche, what we like to call "The Call of Self." What is meaningful to you? What purpose calls to you? What do you really care about and value?   This process is one of validating one's numerous truths and numerous callings. It is a process of validating the quality within that wants to find expression, and understanding that its expression can take any number of forms.

For instance, a dancer who has injured her leg, is still called to dance.  How can she express her urges for movement, for creative expression, the desire to be seen? We look at the qualities within which demand expression, and validate the importance of giving each one expression.  There is always a way! 

As you explore this website, I'd like to invite you to take a moment to acknowledge the inner calling that brought you here. What purpose has brought you here?  What calling? I invite you to acknowledge and thank yourself for responding to any meaningful calling!  By listening and responding to our Call of Self, we are moving, like travelers, toward or own mountain's peak. My job, like that of a guide, is simply to help navigate the terrain. It is my joy and my privilege to travel with you on your ascent toward knowing and expressing your most authentic Self!